Friday, June 9, 2017

Classwork and Homework

Today in class I showed students two places on Google Classroom that had to be completed. The first one was the reading log for June 9th, and the second one was their place to type their three poems they have created. These poems need to put into Google Classroom no later than Sunday afternoon.

Then the students read for about 15-20 minutes in their free reading book. After that, they filled in their reading log. Once completed with that, they began typing their three poems into Google Classroom. At the top of each poem, please put the poem #, title, and the poem. Each poem should be on a separate page.

If all this was done, students continued to read.

1. Read, record title, pages, and minutes read.

2. Be sure all three of your poems are typed into Google Classroom by Sunday.

3. $5.00 for Happy Wheels.

Have a great weekend... See you at the 5K on Saturday morning hopefully...
Mrs. Downs

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