Monday, June 5, 2017

Classwork and Homework

Good day,
Today in class we annotated as a class the poem "On Turning Ten" by Billy Collins.  This is on Google Classroom for Day 4 poems.  It is the first poem in the packet.  I read the poem to you first and then you looked at pg. 18 in your reading notebook to come up with some topic words that you felt was about the poem.  Then we took each stanza and looked for figurative language and tone. Once we found it, we talked about how does this help us to understand the topic words we picked out. We wrote all over the paper as students spoke about their ideas. You were to finish the rest of it tonight.
We did this because last week you filled in an exit ticket about figurative language and theme. Many of you did not talk about the figurative language and its meaning to the whole poem. Much better job today.

1. Continue to read, record the title, pages and minutes.

2. Finish annotating poem "On Turning Ten" thinking about topic words on page 18 of reading notebook.

3. Revisions of fiction story is due on Wed., 6/7 and you must speak first to me.

4. This week and next week you can bring books from home that you are done reading and want to exchange with the library and get books back for summer reading.

5. Book orders are due this Wed., 6/7.

Have a great evening,
Mrs. Downs

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