Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Classwork and Homework 6/12

Today in class I started out showing two different ways to write poetry and understand it. We watched a video of rap and a video of a girl reading her poem with rhythm.

Then you were to look at the three poems you have typed into Google classroom, pick the best one and put it in Google Classroom assignment that says Poem for Final Assessment.  Once in there, you were to revise and edit it.
You were to use red text for all revisions you make, blue text for at least two figurative language examples, and purple for one poetic device (assonance, alliteration or repetition for effect). This is due in class tomorrow.

1. Read and Record title, page numbers, and minutes.

2. $5.00 for Happy Wheels.

3. Put final poem in Google Classroom.

Stay cool,
Mrs. Downs

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