Monday, May 22, 2017

Classwork and Homework

Good day,
Today in class we started out going over the poem "The Lake" and I modeled how to use the protocol. Here is the link to the protocol:

Then you and your partners were to read one of the two poems you picked out from Day 2 packet.  These are on Google Classroom.  Follow the protocol. 

Once completed, you were to go back to google classroom and fill in the exit ticket for Day 2 poems. 

You also were to create in your reading notebooks 6 boxes and title each box with the following starting with the left column first:
Important Objects, Important Places, Hobbies/Sports, (right column) Important People, Emotional Memories, Social Issues. 

Next you were to create list in each of these boxes to be used in the future to write poems.

Lastly, I told you that we were beginning NWEA's tomorrow. Please remember to get good rest, eat a good breakfast and lunch, bring a water bottle, and bring a free reading book.

1. Read and record your title, mins., and pages.

2. Get ready for NWEA's tomorrow. Bring water bottle and free reading book.

3. Complete brainstorm on pg. 62 of your reading notebook.

Have a great evening, get plenty of rest and eat a healthy breakfast.
Mrs. Downs

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