Thursday, April 27, 2017

Classwork and Homework

What a wonderful day,
Today's field trip to in town Portland in my eyes was great. I had a wonderful group of students.

During periods 1 & 6 today in class we looked briefly at our partner's story. If you were in periods 2 & 4, you should start doing the list below to get a head start in class tomorrow.
Then we worked on our own stories. You were to do the following:

- Add transition words into your story, either from the list on page 41 or from your knowledge base of transition words. Be sure the ones you add today/tonight are in blue.

-Be sure you have at least two scenes with dialogue in them. The dialogue should make the scene come alive. Be sure they are in green.

-Look at your story and indent parts that should be separate paragraphs: change in time, change in setting, someone new speaking, new even happening, or new character(s) is introduced.

-Be sure you have at least two 3-D scenes in your story. Be sure they are in purple.

- Now replace  your old lead with your new lead. DO NOT DELETE THE LEADS PAGE.

- Delete all your 2-D scenes and keep the 3-D scenes

-Be sure you have red text for the real parts of your story.

PHEW... that was a lot, but if you have been keeping up, the above list should be easy.

Have a great evening,
Mrs. Downs

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