Thursday, April 13, 2017

Classwork and Homework

Hi there,
It is VACATION time... Yipppeeee.....
Today in class we sat with our partners and reread their story. We wrote down suggestions from either last nights reading of the story or todays. Then with your partner you discussed these suggestions, mostly about character development-make the character real and believable, and about making scenes in your story become 3D. You can 3D a scene by using your five senses. I say "SHOW ME" do not tell me.

Next, you read for the remainder of the period. What a nice treat.

1. You MUST read and record for at LEAST FIVE nights over vacation. Please remember to put title, page numbers, and minutes.

2. Work on your story to recreate more 3D scenes and add transitions to your story. The list is on yesterday's blog if you do not have it.

Have a fun, relaxing, enjoyable vacation,
Mrs. Downs

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