Monday, March 6, 2017

Classwork and Homework

Today in class we talked about the text structures you will use to create your chapters in your companion notebook. The list of them is on page 50 of your notebooks. It is also here if you copy and paste the link:

Then I showed you a beginning example of the structure you are doing in class today called boxes and bullets. You were to think of which one of the chapters you want to use this structure for. Remember the chapters are about one of the story elements you circled on pg. 50 in your notebook.This is on my Google Classroom. You must complete the boxes and bullets for homework tonight.
Be sure your Table of Contents is completed and creative titles.

You spent the rest of the period creating your boxes and bullets.

1. Read and record your title, pages and minutes.

2. Finish your boxes and bullets structure.

Have a great evening,
Mrs. Downs

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