Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Classwork and Homework

Wow lots of snow out there,

Today in class we did lots of instruction and little writing. So, with that said, we will do lots of writing work tomorrow.
-I went over how your Table of Contents needs to be added to the first page of your three chapters. You need to be sure it is completed by tomorrow as I will be grading them. Also, be sure you have chapter titles that are creative and make the reader want to read each chapter. The minimum is three chapters for most  of you.

-Then we went over how to begin to revise your chapters. On my blog, on 3/10,  I posted a simple way for you to think about each paragraph for the chapter. Remember you must have a topic sentence and then all other sentences in that paragraph have to be about the topic sentence.

-Then we talked about how each chapter should have black and red text. The black is for your analysis of the red which is the specific details/quotes from the book with page numbers. You should be able to see more black text than red. You want to have lots of your explanation about your story element and why the author may included it in the book.

-Be sure you have in mind at least one reading notebook entry that goes along with each one of your chapters. You can start recreating them by hand or on the computer. If you think your RNB entry is perfect, then just take a picture of it and load it onto your computer desktop for now.

-We talked about how to write an introduction. Please look at Google Classroom for some examples, sentence frames and possibly what to write about.

1. Revise and edit your Table of Contents and be ready to pass it in tomorrow.

2. Begin your introduction on your second page of your companion book. Push all the chapter down so that page one is your Table of Contents and page 2(maybe 3 too) is your introduction.

3. Be thinking about your RNB entries to use with each of your chapters.

Have a great evening,
Mrs. Downs

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