Monday, March 13, 2017

Classwork and Homework

Hi there,
Boy this potential storm could really mess us up...
So, today in class you got right to work on writing your third piece for your three chapters. I looked at gave you a HOWLs grade for perseverance for having completed your third structure.

I talked about how you should begin to think about which RNB entry(entries) you will use for each chapter as a visual. You can also use other visuals as well.

I also reiterated that your specific details from the book should be in red text. This means you should have some red in each chapter and lots of black which is your explanation/analysis of the meaning of the red.

I talked about if there isn't any school tomorrow and/or Wednesday you should be sure all three chapters are written, have red for details/quotes and have great analysis for each. Remember to analyze is about the deeper meaning for you and/or what you think the author meant.  Also, for you to begin editing and revising each of the chapters. Read them out loud to yourself or someone else to see if they make sense.

1. Read and record your title, pages, and minutes.

2. Finish your third essay/chapter. 

3. After Wednesday, I will not accept any more make-up or late work.


Have a great evening and I HOPE to see you tomorrow.
Mrs. Downs

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