Friday, February 10, 2017

Classwork and Homework

Hi all,
-Today in class we started a new reading notebook entry. It is #8 and is a Relationship Map.

-You are to analyze the relationships that the protagonist has with other characters in the book and how they relate to the protagonist.  I used the example of Waverly and her relationship with her mom and wrote about it and then wrote about her mom's relationship with Waverly.
You should show this either using a web, t-chart or whatever creative way you can show the relationships. You must have separate information about each character and their relationship to the other.

-You also need to check the requirements from you last self-assessment to be sure you are including all required parts.

1. Read and record title, minutes and page numbers.

2. Fill in your Scavenger Hunt chart. Be sure to include quotes and page numbers.

3. Finish reading notebook entry #8 which is the relationship map.

Have a great weekend and let's hope for NO SNOW on Sunday night...
Mrs. Downs

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