Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hi there,
-Today in class we talked about universal topic words and theme statements that are common among novels, short stories, songs, and poems. We talked about how a common theme of power ran through the story, "Rules of the Game", a poem called: "Size is Relative", and other common books or songs that had this theme in them. We talked about "Wings" by Mackelmore and "Grenade" by Bruno Mars as having this common theme.
-We then looked at a triple t-chart and discussed it. Copy the link below into your browser to see the chart:
-Then I handed out a Literary Elements Scavenger Hunt paper. You began to think about your reread book and the chart. You are to begin to fill it in and continue to fill it in during your reading of the book. Be sure to include page numbers in the boxes. Copy this link to your browser to view the chart:

1. Read and record your title, pages, and minutes.

2. Begin filling out your boxes chart.

3. Be sure to have your REREAD book in a baggie.

Have a great evening,
Mrs. Downs

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