Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Classwork and Homework

Hi there,
Today in class we did some good work. We started out with reading a poem. Copy this link and put into browser to see poem:
We talked a lot about the deep meaning of this poem as the last line was a twist to it. Next you and your partners wrote topic words under the poem and from these you created a theme statement.

Then I gave each group a short story to read. As you were reading it, you were to annotate it. See the directions below

Short Story Club Task Card

  1. Read the short story:  Independently or with your partner.
  2. Annotate:  Underline and circle small details that help you gain a deeper understanding of the protagonist’s thoughts and feelings.  Write notes in the margins to explain why you underlined/circled the phrases.  (Independently or with your partner)
  3. Share and Discuss the annotations that you made.  
  4. Theme statement:  Decide which topic words (love, friendship, trust, hardship, grief, etc.) were important in this story and write a theme statement that expresses what the protagonist learned about this topic word.  (Friendship helps people get through tough times.)

1. Read and record your title, pages and minutes.

2. Be sure to bring in a book you like reading as you will be rereading it.

3. Read your story and do the above instructions for the short story club task card.  After you read and underline or circle things, be sure you to create a list of words 2-3 about the theme. You have a list of theme/topic words in your reading notebook on page 18.

Have a great evening,
Mrs. Downs

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