Friday, January 13, 2017

Classwork and Homework

It is Friday!!!
Today in class we finished reading "Rules of the Game." The link to this is on yesterdays homework page on this blog. After we finished reading it, we talked about topic words  that would describe both character's perspective of the story and its happenings.
The next thing we did was to sit alone first and create a couple of theme statements. Then with our table-mates we chose the best written theme statement that everyone agreed upon.
Lastly, we share out these theme statements and discussed them.
Some passed in their reading notebook and others will pass it in on Tuesday if they feel they need to improve the quality of their theme statements.
Copy and paste the link below to see one of the reading notebook strategies. It is the t-chart. You also could create a venn diagram and on the back write topic words and 2-3 theme statements. Look at t-chart on the back to understand this.

1. Read and record your title, minutes and pages.

2. Finish or improve your reading notebook entry #2 which is a t-chart or a venn diagram.

3. Last chance to bring in your rereading book. It MUST be here by Tuesday in a baggie.

Have a great long weekend,
Mrs. Downs

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