Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Classwork and Homework

Hello everyone,
We are back from vacation and hope all had a great one.
I first looked at what you read over vacation and gave you a responsibility grade. You had to have read at least four nights to get a three.

Today in class we read and watched two videos about Bruno's Mars song titled Grenade. We read the lyrics first and annotated it for what it was about, what did it mean for you, what did you notice, emotions, point of view, and anything else you can come up with.
Then we watched Bruno Mars and took notes about the video and discussed it in small groups.
Then we watched Delilah and took notes about the video and discussed it in small groups. We made comparisons to the two videos.

Copy the links below in your browser and view them all.

Here is the link for the lyrics:

Here is the link for Bruno Mars' Grenade video:

Here is the link for Delilah singing Grenade:

Then on page 28 of your reading notebooks you began writing theme statements with your group about the songs.

1. Read and record your pages, title and minutes.

2. Bring in a book you recently, within the last year or so,  loved reading and would not mind rereading it. You will be rereading this book and using it to create a companion book in our next writing unit.

Have a great evening,
Mrs. Downs

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