Monday, December 5, 2016

Classwork and Homework

Good afternoon,
Today in class we went over that you should all have a counter-claim in your argument papers. We talked about how it should NOT be just in the introduction, but weaved throughout your paper. It should be clear to identify.

I handed out a small sheet of paper with SOME, NOT ALL, examples of phrase you could use to acknowledge your counter-claim. Remember these are only some, you may use other phrases. Copy this link into your browser to view the paper I handed out:

Then you went back to your coalition groups and on the back of your argument checklist you wrote down some audiences that you all believed should hear your argument. You wrote down specific groups or people. Such as: Mrs. Santiago, Mayor Strimling, etc.

Lastly, you created on the back of your argument checklist a goal for incorporating your counter-claim into your paper your paper not only in the introduction, but throughout your paper.

1. Read and record your title, minutes and page numbers.

2. Work on putting your counter-claim in your argument paper. BE SURE TO HIGHLIGHT IT IN BLUE each time you mention the counter-claim throughout your paper. 
Remember you must UNSUBMIT to work on the paper. Then be sure to submit it when done tonight.

Have a great evening,
Mrs. Downs

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