Thursday, December 22, 2016

Classwork and Homework

WOW... I cannot believe it is vacation... I do hope you all have an awesome and relaxing vacation. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year...

Today in class you went onto Google Classroom and completed six questions about the argument unit. Then I handed out a half sheet of paper that is at the bottom of the six questions for you to fill out and pass in to me.

Next, I talked about the classroom Spelling Bee that will take place Friday, 1/6. Two winners from each classroom will meet up the following Friday 1/13 to have a Spelling Bee to determine our house winner and runner-up. From there, that student will compete with the rest of the school Spelling Bee winners to represent us in the next step.

I then talk about vacation reading. You MUST read at least 4 times and record your title, minutes, and pages in your assignment notebook. I will be checking for this after vacation.

Lastly, I did a drawing in class. You submitted tickets and I drew two names from each class to pick anything from the prize boxes they wanted. I also drew one name to receive brand new headphones.

1. Read and record as stated above for at least four nights.

2. Enjoy your vacation and come back refreshed....

See you next year,
Mrs. Downs

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