Monday, October 24, 2016

Classwork and Homework

Hi there all,
Today in class we started our Argument Unit. We talked about what is an argument? Who do you have them with? We talked about arguments having two sides and each side defends the position. Then I talked about the different note-taking strategies: T-Chart (pros/cons or fact/so what?), Box and bullet and bb's, Index cards and Post-It-Notes, Webs, Triple t-chart (pros, cons, and other). I talked about how these different strategies people use for different note-taking and what they feel is the most use to gather the evidence.  We talked about For and Against. We used the claim: Competitive Sports are Good and Competitive Sports are Bad. You are to use these two claims, but you are to change the words good and bad to more scholarly words.
We then read an article: "Listening to Wisdom From a 10-Year-Old Son About His Head Injury. Copy this to your browser to read the article:
As we read this together you underlined information that was evidence for Competitive Sports are Bad, as this article was about this claim. Then we took the evidence from the article and wrote it on the board using a note-taking strategy.
Lastly I gave you another article: "Get Off That Couch and Play" by Eileen Booker.
Copy this into your browser to read the article:
This article you are to use one note-taking strategy of your choice and take notes from the article by tomorrow.
Have a wonderful evening,
Mrs. Downs

1. Finish author "fingerprint." It is due tomorrow for book number 2.

2. Work on Author Planning Sheet

3. Notes on article "Get Off That Couch and Play!"

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