Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Classwork and Homework

Good afternoon my lovelies,
Today in class you all heard me talk about students not doing their nightly reading, recording, using stickies, and putting info. on the author's "fingerprint" paper. This is YOUR responsibility to do your work at night.
You then sat beside your partner and had a discussion using your "fingerprint" and your bookmark about your minor/antagonist/supporting characters. The questions you talked about were on your bookmark.
Next, you came to the middle of the room and I instructed you from the "fingerprint" and bookmark paper about setting. We talked about its role in the book and how it affects the book.
Lastly, you got time to read. You were to continue to look for the six topics on your "fingerprint" paper and use stickies to identify them. You were also to use annotation sentence starters on the stickies to help you remember what it is about.

1. Read and record using stickies.

2. Fill in your author's "fingerprint" from your stickies.

3. Rippeffect Parent Meeting is TONIGHT at 6:30. A parent and a child should attend.


5. Need a writing composition notebook.

See most of you tonight at  6:30,
Mrs. Downs

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