Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Classwork & Homework

Today in class I gave you examples of annotations and we ranked them best to least. Most of you did a really good job with this. Then I handed out annotation sentence starters. See below the examples that we ranked in class with one being the best and six being the worst.

These details make me realize that Adam and his father don’t have a very positive relationship. It is clear that Adam is scared of his father, even before his father hits him. I wonder if the way the father treats Adam will make Adam more violent toward his brother.       (1)
I noticed that Adam’s father hit him.

This detail is important because I can tellAdam is scared of his dad.

This page is full of important details about Adam’s relationship with his dad. His dad yells at him and scares him and tells him not to come into the room without knocking. Then the dad pulls the Scotch tape off Adam’s head which is painful. Then the dad ends up hitting him like six times. Adam runs out of the room after that and plots revenge.      (3)
This detail is evidence that Adam‛s life might not be too pleasant sometimes.        (4)
This detail is evidence that Adam’s life might not be too pleasant sometimes. To live in fear of your dad would be terrible and it probably makes him more dependent on his mother.      (2)

Then I handed out annotation sentence starters:
-This detail makes me realize that...
This detail helps me to understand that....
This detail is proof that....
This moment will impact the character because....
This detail is important because....

These are to be used when you are explaining your quote on the t-chart and when you are writing your "so what" on your triple timeline-character changes.

Then you went back to your desk to work to choose which reading notebook strategy you wanted to work on. 

1. Read your number of pages that you set on your reading goal sheet.
2. Finish your reading notebook strategy.
3. Remember school pictures are this Friday. Be sure to bring your envelope with your money.

Have a great evening,
Mrs. Downs

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