Friday, September 23, 2016

Classwork and Homework

Hi there,
Today in class we talked about how we need to over the weekend be thinking about an author that that has written two books, not a series, that you want to read. Or think of a book you liked and look for the author to see if they have written other books. By Wednesday, you will have to have chosen an author that you want to study. We also talked about the each one of you need a Portland Public Library card. We went to the library last year and you applied for one. If you have lost it or need one, please visit one of the Portland Public Libraries this weekend and get a card. You will need this for my class and digital literacy. Then you sat with your reading partner and shared a missing scene from your book. Lastly, you read for the remainder of the period and used stickies to help you remember the character, setting, theme and missing scenes. You are to be writing on these stickies using the annotation sentence starters.
1. Read the number of pages you have on your goal sheet. Record it and use stickies to identify character development, setting, theme, and missing scenes.
2. You need to be thinking about an author you would like to read two of their books. Look on,, Lincoln's library or the Portland Public Library websites.
3. You need a library card.

Have a great weekend,
Mrs. Downs

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